Friday 13 April 2012

A great product is just not enough......

An outstanding product or service, along with competitive pricing in today’s marketplace, does not ensure success.  Today’s winning global companies all share three principals of success: 
a.     A personality that embraces an organization
b.     A organization’s purpose as demonstrated in everything it says and does
c.     A unifying idea in the mind of key audiences 
a.       In Knowledge First Financials case – it’s your sales channel.  A sales channel that clearly understands the brand’s value proposition.  Like the geese flying in formation, everyone understands where the brand is going.  If they agree and commit to the brand promise, everyone succeeds.  This is achieved by what we call a clear VMV.  Vision – Mission – Values.  Everyone must live and breathe the company VMV.  What is Knowledge Firsts VMV?  You just went through a complete re brand so everyone should know.  If it was effectively communicated, everyone should know.  If not, this is what some of the workshops could be about.  This brings me to my third point.  

Again, a great product or service, priced well in today’s marketplace, is not enough.  Today’s successful global brands require a third principal of success.

3.       Clear, consistent, COMMUNICATIONS.  An effectual communications plan that targets a company’s only two audiences; the customer, and the employee.  There are no other audiences.  Reach those two groups and you have a winning brand.  Communications follows two paths.  1. Communicating to your customers; i.e. advertising and marketing. 2. Communicating to your employees.

This brings me to your challenge… “the Vision for NBC 2012”.  The conference theme should embrace and reflect all of what I’ve said above HOWEVER, it should focus on answering one question.  What’s in it for me?...  A great product, a strong brand and a solid communications plan should result in driven motivated and successful sales agents.  Focus on that one question - what’s in it for me?  Answer it and you will have your NBC Theme and Vision. 

When we consult on conference themes, we ask…what are your messaging goals?  What do you need to tell them.  Our advice is usually, not to try and convey too much, as too many messages get lost.  Less is more, so be focused on a clear message strategy.  What 3-4 key take-a-ways do you want (need) them to walk away with after the 3-4 days are over.  They will remember what makes the most impact on THEM.  People remember what’s important to THEM and, if you’ve communicated the new brand effectively, that should align with what’s important to the company.  Knowledge First Financials commitment to provide agents with everything they require for success.  Partners In Performance.  My view of what would inspire and motivate your agents to attend would be some of the following:

·         Inspire confidence and long term success  
·         Understanding uncertainty in the marketplace
·         Success in a changing economy
·         How to use technology, (mobile, social media) to be more successful (and less intimidating)

All very daunting and pushing them out of their “comfort zones.”  Very different from what they are used to, however fear is a great motivator. 

Now that they’ve qualified, they need to be made to feel that they are special, the Elite, the Best of the Best.  That’s why they are there.  It’s about that.  The Knowledge First Financial Advantage; Experience, Results, Security Flexibility.  It’s about Trust, Confidence, Stability.  Knowledge First Financial will do the right thing for their customers and their families.  It’s already there in the KFF new Value Proposition on your website.  Themes like:
·         Trust the Professionals
·         Building Futures
·         Partners in Performance
·         The Power of Partnership

Inspiring sales people to qualify during the year should be an on-going commitment.  Consistent communications to the field every month or bi-monthly,  offering sales tips, sharing best practices, message from their Sales Director (you) should be available on a Communications Portal.  It is the one central place for all KFF Communications.  eLearning, Product Knowledge, Sales Training, Conference Qualifying - all accessible on the KFF Portal.  This builds momentum throughout the year and inspires them to attend the Conference.

The BRAND IS BUILT FROM WITHIN.  A driven, motivated team is the only point of difference for today's successful brands.  KFF & it’s Sales Agents - Partners in Performance. 

Robert Angeloni President,

55 Sudbury Street
Toronto, ON Canada M6J 3S7 416-588-1445

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