Friday 16 March 2012

A day in the Life of a Toronto Agency…It’s all about balance.

One of the advantages of my career has been working on projects around the world.  Our small Toronto Agency continues to produce creative events such as Sales Conferences, Incentive Meetings and Trade Shows around the planet.  It’s given us the opportunity to visit every Canadian city coast-to-coast, London, Paris, Sydney, Munich, and Hawaii – not to mention Mexico and most of the Caribbean.  Yes it’s true that we, as production specialists (much like touring performers) often spend most of our time either backstage at the venue, or the hotel, but as I get older (and wiser) I try to balance out my business travel.       

One of the Values of my company, what I advocate to my staff - and to our clients, is to enjoy what we do.  The appropriate balance of business and pleasure helps us to excel in our work and ensure both personal and professional satisfaction.  I just returned from one such trip to Los Angeles, with a side trip to San Diego.  Actually the assignment was at the Anaheim Convention Centre, a remarkable facility in an amazing location.  Ideal for large gatherings the main road leading to the convention centre is not only welcoming with large palm-trees and a flowered centre aisle, but the best hotels are all there within an easy walk to the facility.  Combine its close proximity to Disneyland being just around the corner, it more than meets my criteria of balancing work and a little fun.  We met many convention delegates – either visiting the show or working the show – who brought along their families.  Mom (or Dad) were sitting by the pool, or prepping to go to Disneyland, while their significant others were at the convention.  Perfect.     

The event was the Medical Device & Manufacturing Trade Show or MD&M, which brings together related industries tied to the medical field.  An amazing gathering of industries from plastics firms selling heart pump tubing, to robotics.

Our booth was once again, a show stopper.  We’re lucky enough with this account to have a client who’s not only a creative visionary, but one who has the position and authority to allow us to execute it.  Speaking without prejudice, we have done some creatively astonishing campaigns that have integrated through trade magazines, the website and at the booth.  Our maxim of…on-screen…on-line…on-stage is truly exemplified with this account. 

The side benefit of this trip (aside from the stunning southern California weather we encountered) was spending time with my former business partner – now retired – who spends the winters near San Diego in a spot called Oceanside.  This is where I go to decompress, relax and bitch and complain to him about the daily challenges he has left me with, while he sits in beautiful Oceanside.  The best part, he actually cares.  He listens and always offers sound advice.  To this day, I consider him one of my closest friends and confidants.  He offers me the balance I need that helps me succeed. 

More on my friend in another blog. 

Robert Angeloni   

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